CL-801 Automatic Cord Knitting Machine

CL801-06•10 Cord Knitting M/C

CL801-06•10 Cord Knitting M/C


This m/c is strong tensile force & high speed cord knitting m/c.

It is moved by belt, no oil inside, just need a little space for the m/c.

The m/c is noiseless and can be fed directly from bobbins or cones.

The products can be used in shoelace, Elastic cord, trimmings, flat cord, ropes...etc.

No special maintenance is required.

Specification M/C N.W. 400 kgs
CREEL N.W. 150 kgs
M/C G.W. 450 kgs
CREEL G.W. 250 kgs
M/C size 125x80x170 /cm by wooden case
Creel size 285x74x26 /cm by wooden case
Option Device Creel for 200 bobbin (Special size) 1 set
Finish product collector 1 set
Yarn tensioner 2 sets
Elastic yarn feeding roller 1 set
Yarn collecting equipment 1 set
Technical Data Cylinder 6 (CK-06) 10 (CK-10) 6 (CKD-06)
Gauge 3,4,6,8,10,12,16 3,4,6,8,10,12 3,4,6,8,10,12,16
Speed 800~1500 rpm
Standard Equipment ITEM UNIT  
Motor (1.5HP) 1 pcs
Automatic stop device 1 set
Inverter 1 set
Latch needle 200 pcs
Dropper 200 pcs
Tool 1 set
Diameter 1mm~12mm

We reserve the right to modify the specification and design of machine without prior notice.
The above data is for reference only, other terma set on meeting.